The Physio Clinic is a practice that truly puts the client at the heart of their work. I have been treated in a highly professional, friendly, good humoured and efficient manner by all those I have come into contact with. Following my initial assessment and subsequent treatment my mobility has vastly improved which in turn has impacted very positively on my quality of life. - Keith

I can strongly recommend the Physio Clinic. I have been going there for over 20 years to recover from various sports injuries to, now, age-related problems like an arthritic hip. On every occasion, the Clinic has provided effective treatment and I've been fortunate, perhaps, to recover rapidly to get on with my sport and enjoy my life to the full. - Mike

Following rupturing my ACL and Medial knee ligaments whilst skiing I attended The Physio Clinic in order to prepare my leg for surgery, and post surgery on my ongoing road to rehabilitation. The care and support I have received have kept me going through what has been both a physically and mentally challenging time. I received expert, professional treatment of my injury at The Physio Clinic and can recommend it. - Kimberley

I want to thank you so much for getting me through the worst, Thank you for your expertise and kindness, what would I have done without you? I appreciate it very much! Thank you. - Janet

Due to several injuries sustained over the last five years or so I have used The Physio Clinic, and on every occasion I have been more than happy and content with the exceptionally professional treatment received while attending that clinic. - Ian

Having tried various methods of pain relief on my back, I attended The Physio Clinic as a last resort to attempt to give me some pain relief. After a few sessions my back was fantastic, best it had been for years. I also attend 3 or 4 times a year for one session when my old whiplash injury, which left me with a very temperamental shoulder, gives me trouble. This calms it down (after the initial pain) in one session. I highly recommend The Physio Clinic. - Helen

Retired at 70; still going to the gym and in reasonable shape when I had what was diagnosed as a 'groin strain'. I persisted with the prescribed exercises for more than 18 months, with no relief and, at times, wincing pain. I eventually decided to go to the Physio Clinic and immediately and accurately was diagnosed as having an arthritic hip joint, he manipulated the joint during a couple of visits and I am now back at the gym doing everything, and more, that a 71 year old could wish to do. - Michael

Thank you for going beyond your professional duty more than once. I really appreciate all you have done to get me mobile. - Angela

For extra information or to book an appointment please call 0114 237 3006 or email info@thephysioclinic.org

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